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Why you need content marketing - Greek translation services

Why you need to invest on content marketing

To begin with, the main purpose of content is to create familiarity, trust and cosy feelings in your audience. But, what do we mean when we say "content marketing"?

Content marketing is about taking your knowledge and expertise and using it to support your/or your customer's business goals.

In a few words, you must write effective copy that will match your message with the needs and desires of your prospects. It will also maintain credibility and it will finally persuade your audience to buy your/or your client's product.

Start with the person, not the product

Your content will success or fail right here. Even if you have the perfect product to promote, your marketing strategy may end up a total disaster if your audience, simply, doesn't care.

So, how can you persuade your prospects?

There is a 5-step road to success:

1.    Do some reseach.
2.    Create relationships.
3.    Make an offer with a promise.
4.    Educate people to help them understand.
5.    Make it easy to respond to your offer.

The Economist Group's Global Content Survey of Brand Marketers and their B2B Audiences showed:

"71% of buyers/readers say they were turned off by content that seems like a sales pitch."

In an era of information overload, prospects are seeking substance.

Why you’re going to have better results than most people:

•    You care about your audience.
•    You know what you're talking about.
•    You’ve got a unique voice.
•    You’re building high-quality content for your prospects and help them keep coming back.

According to 2018 B2B Content Marketing Report:

"92% of B2B organizations are committed to content marketing."

As a certified content marketer and an experienced translator, I can help you with my linguistic and cultural business knowledge, with the translation needs of your business to help you win more customers in the Greek market you are about to enter.

I can work with you on your content to target the Greek community.

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