Why a professional Greek translator

Why a professional Greek translator

Why do you need professional translation services

In the new global economy, we are all aware of how much communication matters. Your company needs tools to promote its products and services in foreign markets and to be able to stand out from the crowd. You need the right tools to reach out to new prospects and become more global. The need to globalise your marketing and communication is fundamental in order to expand your business.

As you can understand only translation of your content will not make your business grow internationally. You know that your key to success is to present your content as if it has been created for the target market. So, we are not just talking about the translation of words, but the translation of your messages, your needs and your ideas! You need to make sure that your content is properly translated and localised in order to successfully communicate your message to your target client.

To ensure you will achieve your business goals and sell even more than anybody expected, you need to get an experienced, skilled and well-trained professional translator who is able to help you build a strong, dynamic profile in the target market.

By hiring me, you can rest assured that you will get a properly localized content in Greek accompanied by an appropriate marketing message.

Why do you need to have your website localized

Why do you need a professional

By having your website translated and localized into Greek, you make sure your message is effectively presented to your target audience. Customers are much more likely to engage with and buy from websites that speak their language. A survey that was conducted in 2014 by the independent research firm Common Sense Advisory showed that "56% of the people surveyed spend more time on local-language sites than on English ones – or never visit English websites at all". Another study in 2006, by the same research firm showed that "72.4% of global consumers indicated that they prefer to use their native language when shopping online".

Differences in culture can lead to different user expectations and experiences when viewing web pages. According to a survey conducted by CMO Council, 49% of marketers stated that localization is absolutely critical to their business growth. To counteract this you need to have your website localized and you need to get it done by a mother-tongue linguist who will be able to help you convey exactly the message you want to get across to your visitors. An experienced professional translator will be able to deliver a properly translated and localized content that retains a consistent tone and voice while it is appealing to your target audience.

Localization truly affects the growth of a company and I know for sure that I can do this for your business!

By working with me you know for sure that:

  • You have a strong, dynamic profile in the Greek market
  • You win the clients' credibility with a top-quality localized content
  • Your properly translated content will directly lead to more sales and revenue
  • You save money because no scrutiny for quality issues is required
  • You have a good communicator that will get things done for your business


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