Why you need me

Why you need me

Make the Difference in Greek with Professional Greek Translation Services

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Are you thinking of expanding your business into the Greek market? Are your services/products so great that you want to sell them in Greece? Maybe you need a great localized marketing plan that will establish your brand in Greece?

I am pretty sure that you already know a few good professionals that could help you realize your goals. And even if you didn't know someone, these days it would be very easy to find a pro that could do this work for you. The freelance market is full of excellent colleagues that you could hire and at a competitive price; so, why me? Why you need to hire me to work on your content?

If you take a look at the list below you will see why my features can benefit your business:

My Feature: I am a Greek speaking translator, translating only into my native language (Greek) and I am based in Greece. I have lived, studied and worked in both my working languages' countries (Greece and UK). So, I am extra familiar with both cultures and countries' business scenery.

Your benefit: This means I am well aware of the marketing and business scenery of both countries; as a result, I can successfully transcreate your marketing messages by also adapting every possible cultural difference and, ultimately deliver a remarkable piece of text written in the tone and style of your target audience.

My Feature: Besides my extensive linguistic and translation educational background, I also have a diploma in freelance business and marketing.

Your benefit: This means I can guarantee you accurate, reliable, top-quality translations accompanied by a remarkable marketing message specifically targeted for the Greek market, that will make you stand out from the rest in your industry.

My Feature: I have 14 years of experience in translating and localizing technical and commercial content for hundreds of happy clients all over the world.  

Your benefit: This means that for 14 years I have been helping small and medium businesses (and some times even bigger ones) to successfully sell their services/products in the Greek market. From my deep experience I have gained the required knowledge to make fast decisions and be able to deal with any kind of linguistic and/or marketing issue may arise. This means that you don't need to waste your time and money trying to find ways on how to overcome any possible problems. Besides, I can easily understand what you want from our first meeting/communication, so I will save you the trouble of having to explain your needs over and over, which again saves you time and money.

With me, you can be sure that you will have a perfectly adapted content into Greek within the original agreed time and budget.

My Feature: I proudly support the Quality in Translation campaign, which means that I strive for the best possible translation every time, I only accept assignments that allow me to accomplish this goal and I decline projects at prices that prevent me from doing that. In addition, I only cooperate with professionals and I work hard to improve my knowledge and skills, as I try to keep up to date with new working methods, tools and techniques.

Quality in Translation campaign

Your benefit: This means that you will receive an excellently translated text; therefore you protect yourself and your business from receiving negative feedback from your customers and maybe spending more money to also hire somebody else in order to review, correct or even retranslate the already translated texts. In a few words, by choosing me as your translator, you can concentrate on your sales strategy without worrying about the quality of your translated material.

My Feature: I strive to ensure confidentiality by running my business according to the Model General Terms of Business for Commissioned Translation Work provided by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

Your benefit: This means that no third party will have access to any information of your source material or the translated content, unless specifically requested or agreed upon, and that I am personally responsible for the safe-keeping of all of your material (source texts and translations). Consequently, you can rest assured that your confidentiality is protected.

My Feature: I build strong, true relationships with my clients not only by providing remarkable pieces of translated texts, but also by offering great after-sales service and by always being there to help out when in need. As most of my clients say, I am always there and willing to go that "extra mile" in order to keep them happy. If you want to read more comments of my satisfied clients, you can visit my Testimonials page.

Your benefit: This means you will have a translator that you can count on. I am going to be there for you even after the delivery of your translated material, helping you out and guiding you in making cost-effective decisions in order to promote your service/product most effectively. Just take a look at my Portfolio to see some samples of the work that businesses and organisations worldwide have entrusted me with, directly or through translation agencies I cooperate with.

So, if you need a creative marketing translation of your material into Greek, or if you wish to expand your business in the Greek market, or even maybe if you need an eye-catching CV that will book you a job interview, I can help you translate your needs and ideas through my professional translation services.

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